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Oliver's Birth Story

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First Trimester

First Trimester
I’ve been keeping track and writing a little here and there about my first trimester.The first thing people always ask me is “are you feeling sick?” and I love to tell them “nope!” I actually felt amazing these past 13 weeks. I felt minimal morning sickness and would dry heave occasionally, and I only threw up once in 13 weeks. I rarely ever felt sick! Some people are amazed at how I wasn’t sick! One thing that I think really helped me was going to the gym as often as I can. I normally do High Fitness, Zumba, HIIT work outs and some circuit training, but I wasn’t allowed to work out for about 10 weeks. So for those weeks I would just work on the elliptical and do some light weights. Once I was allowed back to my normal work outs I felt great! Because I still tried to keep my body active during those 10 weeks, I wasn’t really sore when I went back to my classes. I have gotten quite a few questions on how I have made it to the gym because I guess some ladies are too sick …

Infertility Etiquette.

This is the start of NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week.) I wanted to write a post on infertility etiquette. Some of these things have happened personally, and some of these things have happened to others that I have heard about. These memes I am putting on here are for pure entertainment, so please don’t get offended. I have a bunch of them saved from over the years on my Pinterest board. Sometimes humor helps you get over depression and these gave me a good laugh. Some of them are in no way how I actually felt, but I know some ladies who are dealing with infertility have felt like that in one point of their journey. It’s just supposed to be funny. So laugh.
You probably know someone with infertility. It affects 1 in 8 couples, for many different reasons. It is hard to properly put into words the pain of infertility. Imagine wanting something so bad, more than anything in the whole world, and get denied that one thing month after month. Month after month you are reminded tha…